SSL Food Street

Saveetha School of Law, Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Department of Management Studies organised SSL Food Street for the blossoming entrepreneurs in the campus on 12th September, 2019 by Dr. Sreeya B. The students explored their business skills at SSL campus. More than ten food businesses with more than 50 items from traditional foods such as Kambu Kulu, Ragi Kulu, Butter Chilli, Tamrind Rice, Fish Fry, Chetinadu Chicken to modern foods such as Pasta, Noodles, French Fries, Flavoured Cakes, Sandwiches, etc. Sale of food items was focussed in one another perspective also, i.e., from North to South and East to West. It includes Punjabi Paratha, Kolkata Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Rajasthani & Guajarati Sweets, Tamil Nadu Parambariya Sambar Rice, Biryani and Kerala Avial, etc. The importance of all these foods are not only about its speciality but it is all about, that the above-mentioned food was prepared by our Students themselves. In just two hours, during their course, SSL students generated more than INR 25000 as revenue through selling their products. The sales were unbelievable so the blossoming entrepreneurs felt very happy. This motivated them a lot and their interest towards business took them to the next level. It is not about only business, even they faced their competitors positively. We could see that our students implementing various concepts taught to them from management perspective to entrepreneurship perspective. It is a tough competition between our students. Based on the profit earned, the blossoming entrepreneurs K.Ahalya, Gowri P., Kavya Pradeep and Aswini of second year B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) won the ‘Best Entrepreneur’ for their business in the SSL Food Street. The students got real time experience and good exposure towards business. Saveetha School of Law once again proved that it not only concentrates on academics but also respects the other interests of students!!!

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World Humanitarian Day

On account World Humanitarian Day, Saveetha School of Law organised an interactive session on 'Humanitarian assistance to Tribal during disasters' with Mr. Hari Balaji VR, National Consultant - Disaster Management. The session touched on the field reality of humanitarian assistance during post disaster scenario in Tribal hamlets. Over 80 students participated in the program. The session had experience sharing, group activity and role play segments

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Saveetha School Of Law, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences organises it's flagship program of 2nd JUS LEX NATIONAL TRIAL ADVOCACY COMPETITION, 2019 which was conducted from August 16th to 18th, 2019 . Dr. Asha Sundaram Principal, inaugurated the function on August 16th 2019. All over the country 16 teams participated in this competition. Each team consist of Two speaker and one Researcher.

Total of 48 participants

The event was structured as Preliminary Round 1 and 2 whereas all 16 teams argued for prosecution and defence

Among them, Top 8 teams qualified for the

Quarter Finals. Side of argument were chosen through draw of lots and the opponent were chosen through power matching. A four judge bench adjudged the quarterfinals.

The top 4 teams as mentioned below qualified for Semi Finals

1. New Law college, Pune

2. School of excellence in law, Chennai

3. Symbiosis Law school, Hyderabad

4. Presidency University school of Law, Bangalore.

The semi finals of the competition are judged by the ex and retired magistrates.

Top two teams from the semi finals qualified for the finals.

1. Symbiosis law school, Hyderabad

2. New law college, Pune

The finals was adjudged by the two sitting Judges of Madras High Court Justice M. Sundar and Justice M. Nirmal Kumar.

The New law college, Pune was declared as winners and they were awarded with the prize money worth Rs. 63,000 and a cash award of Rs. 10,000/-

Symbiosis Law school, Hyderabad was declared as runners and they were awarded with the prize money worth Rs. 42,000 and a cash award of Rs. 5000/-

Dr. Deepak Nallaswamy, Director of Academics, SIMATS welcomed the gathering and Dr. Asha Sundaram, Principal, Saveetha School of law, SIMATS delivered the vote of thanks.

The winners of other awards are as follows:

1. Best memorial: Sastra School of Law, Sastra Deemed to be University, Thanjavur

2. Best researcher : Mr. Viswajit, School of Excellence in law, Chennai

3. Best speaker male: Mr. Simarjeet Singh Satia, New law college, Pune

4. Best speaker female: Ms. Ranjitha. N.R, Christ (deemed to be university) school of Law, Bangalore

In a total 20 court officers and 80 witnesses were provided by the organisers with the equal distribution for each team from all 5 year students. The witnesses got special appreciation from the sitting High Court judges for their role play.

This event was coordinated by Moot coordinator Asst.Prof. Sornalakshmi RR

Our proud sponsor of this event is THE LAW FINDER who sponsored us with stationery and subscriptions.

Attachments area

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Training and Development

The role of training and development in enriching the performance and productivity of employees in organisations is widely acknowledged , especially when organisations are operating in a dynamic environment. The guest speaker, Ms. Sasirekha, Assistant Professor, MBA Department, SRM Easwari Engineering College, elaborated on the need, objectives and importance of training and development in organisations. She addressed the students on the various trading and development initiatives that are adopted by organisations citing examples from the corporate and education sector. There was active participation from students and they had their queries clarified.

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1st SPSS (statistical analysis in social science) – Internal workshop on legal research methodology

Saveetha school of law, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences organized a internal  workshop on legal research methodology-SPSS on 13th August 2019. This workshop was Organised / conducted  by Mrs S.P. VIDYASSRI  AND Ms R. ARYA  exclusively for the first year students. Internal Faculties named Dr B SREEYA  Associate Professor and Ms ARUNA Asst professor having more than 12 years of experience in Teaching as well as SPSS /research were the Guest – Speakers of this workshop.  Over 180 students participated in the workshop. The main objective of the workshop is to introduce the importance of legal research to the first year students belongs to different courses under Law and give them a proper training for the upcoming quarters in the area of Empirical research. The students were taught about the SPSS Software, which is helpful in doing empirical study in Law. 

SPSS is a widely used program for statistical analysis in social science. It is also used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners, and others. SPSS Statistics places constraints on internal file structure, data typesdata processing, and matching files, which together considerably simplify programming. SPSS datasets have a two-dimensional table structure, where the rows typically represent cases (such as individuals or households) and the columns represent measurements (such as age, sex, or household income). The students participated in the workshop gained knowledge regarding spss. Speakers of this programme taught about categorical, dichotomous question, multiple choice question, scaling question, scaling data, coding ,scale : ANOVAs , correlation( relationship) Categorical: chi-square (association) and to calculate the frequency of null and alternative Hypothesis

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Organizations and Cyber crime -The Nature of Groups engaged in Cyber Crime

A special lecture on “Organizations and Cyber crime -The Nature of Groups engaged in Cyber Crime” was conducted by Ms.K.Nancy., Advocate, Madras High Court. She explained the nature of groups engaged in cyber crime and briefly outlines the definition and scope of cyber crime, theoretical and empirical challenges in addressing what is known about cyber offenders, and the likely role of organized crime groups. The user of computer system and internet are increasing worldwide in large number day by day, where it is easy to access any information easily within a few seconds by using internet which is the medium for huge information and a base of communications around the world .There has been tremendous growth in use of Internet. Due to this cyber crimes increases day by day. Cyber Crime is technology based crime committed by technocrats. She further explained about the Variants of cyber crime like terrorist attack, cyber extortion, crimes against individuals, crimes against property, and crimes against organization. It also includes impact on the real world and society, and how to handle cyber crimes.

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New Industrial Policy on 1991

Special Lecture was delivered by Dr. V. Jayachitra, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Economics, Sree Muthukumarasamy College, Chennai. Resource person having 15 years of experience in teaching Specialized in Public Economics and published number of articles in National and international journals. She gave lecture on"New Industrial Policy 1991and it's impact on Indian Economy". Especially resource person discussed the Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Indirect Investment in indian industry after the new economic policy came into effect.At the end of the session students interacted with resource person and she also clarified all their doubt.

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A special lecture was conducted on 13.08.2019. Ms.K.Sindhuri, Marketing and Sales head in the company Stage3 was invited as a resource person. The topic of the lecture was " Influence of consumer behaviour while formulating marketing strategy in Indian context". The resource person gave a brief lecture on consumer behaviour,internal and external factors influencing consumer behaviour. She also gave a brief lecture on various marketing strategies. She explained the way in which these factors are considered while formulating marketing strategies by citing current examples. As she is the head of the marketing division in her organisation, she shared her practical official and marketing experiences with students. She explained marketing theme behind some of the advdtisements through displaying related vedios. She had lively interaction with students and replied to the queries of the students. The session was quite intersting and interactive.

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Surety and Partnership Act

The special lecture was delivered by Mr.R.Elango, Advocate ,Madras High Court on the topic "" Surety and Partnership Act"". He has explained about all the aspects of surety and surety bonds then he focused on what is partnership , how it's differ from company ,how to register and dissolute the partnership , scope of the Act then what are the keys points have to be taken while writing.Finally the lecture ended up with interaction

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The special lecture By M Azarudeen working as Associate ( Legal and Research) in Callidus Compliance solution in the subject Family law -2 on 12:08:209 was based on the topic “ WAKF, GIFT AND WILL IN ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATE UNDER MOHAMMEDAN LAW” The guest lecture rendered was very informative as I could have a clear cut idea about the gifts under Muslim Law where The gift can be transferred to unborn child in Shia and Sunni law which varies with the restrictions, and had understood a clear overview of conditions for validating the gift under Shia law and Sunni law and analysed the main aim of the Hiba thatthe contract must be made between two living persons.Then the lecture gave importance to the Wakf board where the explanation was given about the process of operation of such board and the role of tribunals in supervising the Wakf Board, the composition of Wakf Board and was taught about the persons who are entitled to contribute in Wakf Board and explanation about the types of Wakf Board the can be no misuse of property, for the purpose of supervising the wakf board and to sort the issues relating to board Wakf Tribunal was formulated, in this board only Muslims can contribute, it money must be used for the purpose of serving Shariat Law.This lecture especially helpful for the students who were interested in the field of practing in Family related cases. He also cleared their queries at the end of the session. Hope it was interesting as well as an interactive session with students.

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The special lecture conducted gives a basic idea about torts.The best part of the lecture was on the topic of medical negligence.The topic was explained with various case laws and practical examples were given tio grasp the topic.The explanation regarding Medical Negligence was fantastic as it talked about the various happenings in and around the society.The session was very useful and interactive.

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Legal Language and Legal Maxims.

The Lecture deals about the basic concepts of law, functions of law and how far helps in regulating the conduct of human behavior in our society. The lecture focused much on legal maxims explaining about the concepts of a person can get legal remedy only if he has a legal right over it and also dealing with the concept ,Any action cannot be taken for an immoral cause.The lecture also focused on rights and liabilities of persons and a brief discussion about law an morality.

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Action plan to crack UPSC Exam

On 8th August 2019, Saveetha School of Law, placement cell has conducted a one-day workshop in partnership with Kingmaker IAS Academy on “Action plan to crack UPSC Exam”. 

The session was headed by Mr. Rishabh C.A, IAS, (2018 Tamilnadu, UPSC Topper, AIR 23). He shared his journey of grit and determination in clearing one of the hardest exams in the country. Mr. Rishabh who was an engineering graduate from Maduranthakam and was working as an engineer with Infosys, before he decided to join civil service. He outlined the action plan every civil service aspirant need to follow in order to develop a personalized style for the exam preparation. Mr. Boominathan, Director of Kingmaker IAS Academy has pointed out the sparsity of Tamilnadu candidates who could clear the UPSC exams. He explained in detail the exam structure of UPSC and suggested recommended books for both prelims and mains. He reiterated the importance of law students to give UPSC exam a try as the syllabus of UPSC has law as an integral part and it’s a battle half won for a law student. 

 Mr. Rishabh C.A, IAS highlighted the importance of having an updated knowledge in current affairs about the happenings across the globe and particularly in India. He recommended reading the editorials of popular newspapers like The Hindu, Economist and parliamentary discussions. He then engaged in a healthy debate with the students regarding the scrapping of Art. 370 and students were delighted to get a different perspective on the issue. He also shared his experience with the panel during the personal round of interview, which lasted for about three hours! Over all it was a good experience for the students who got insider information about the various tips and tricks to crack civil service exam.

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Guest lecture on Consumer Behaviour was held on 9th of August 2019, Guest speaker was Mr.S.Chandrasekaran, Assistant professor, Department of management studies, SRM Easwari Enggering college ,Chennai. He delivered a lecture on the topic Consumer Behaviour in Digital Marketing . He was mainly focusing the lecturer to digital marketing impact on consumer behavior and currently the modern consumer how they given the priority to digitalize marketing. As a consumer point of view what are the expectation are there in the digital marketing like product colour, design, offers, delivering date and mode of payment and how to rectify that their needs and wants. He was explain about the digital marketing strategy, Goal, and importance of consumer behavior through different social medias like facebook,twitter,TikTok etc.

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Environmental Crimes in India

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of Saveetha School of Law conducted an invited lecture on ‘Environmental Crimes in India’ on 7th August, 2019.  Dr. K. S. Shoba Jasmin, Associate Professor of Economics welcomed the gathering in SSL Seminar Hall for the lecture. Prof. Dr.  Dhulasi Birundha Varadharajan, Former Chairperson, School of Economics, Madurai Kamaraj University delivered the lecture which covered the environmental crimes in India, the causes of depletion of minerals which are unnoticed and the CO2 emissions from the industrial sector  leading to massive environmental degradation. The Mineral Theft in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu got special attention among the students with the volume of trade of minerals from India and motivated the students to look into the problem deeply.  The lacunae in National Legislation to control the environmental crimes was discussed and the need to include the environmental crimes under criminal offences also recommended at the end of the discussion. Dr. Kirubakaran, Assistant Professor of Economics proposed vote of thanks and the session was concluded with National Anthem.

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Internal Influences on Consumer Behaviour

The role of consumers and their behaviour is significant to marketers as they continuously identify quantitative and qualitative ways to measure consumer behaviour. The guest speaker, Ms. Sasirekha, Assistant Professor, SRM Easwari Engineering College, threw light on the internal influences such as perception, motivation, personality, attitude and self-image that affect consumer behaviour. Real-time examples were discussed in class and the session was quite interactive with active participation from the students.

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Lok adalat system in India

A special lecture on “Lok adalat system in India” was conducted by Mrs.Hemalatha, Madras high court advocate. She started with how the Lok Adalat system in India originated, its scope and ambit, need and also its importance. She also discussed about the jurisdiction pertaining to Lok Adalats along with its procedure to deal with the cases and the powers of Lok Adalats. The concept of Lok Adalat is an innovative Indian contribution to the world jurisprudence. The introduction of Lok Adalats added a new chapter to the justice dispensation system of this country and succeeded in providing a supplementary forum to the victims for satisfactory settlement of their disputes. This system is based on Gandhian principles. It is one of the components of ADR systems. In ancient times the disputes were used to be referred to “panchayat” which were established at village level. Panchayat’s used to resolve the dispute through arbitration. It has proved to be a very effective alternative to litigation. This very concept of settlement of dispute through mediation, negotiation or through arbitral process known as decision of "Nyaya-Panchayat" is conceptualized and institutionalized in the philosophy of Lok Adalat. It involves people who are directly or indirectly affected by dispute resolution.

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Cyber crimes and its classification

A special lecture on “Cyber crime and its classification” was conducted by Mr.Anand., Assistant Professor, School of Excellence in Law, TNDALU.He started with the concept of cyberspace, And the importance of cyber law and cybercrime. Further he discussed on classification of crime in India along with the leading case laws with made the students to have a interactive session so that it easy to connect the crime to real world instances. He concluded with the necessity to enact legislation that will sufficiently prohibit the abuses of new and developing technology. The speed with which technology develops makes this a continual concern. In some cases, the line between what will be considered criminal conduct and what will be civil remains uncertain.

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Specific Relief act and quasi contract

The special lecture was delivered by Mrs.Premasangeetha , Guest Lecturer of Govt Law College , Villupuram on the topic " Specific relief Act and Quasi contract". She has explained about all the remedies under specific Relief Act for persons whose civil or contractual rights have been violated and fictional contract recognised by a court under Quasi contract. She has given a recent examples with all these aspects and what are the keys points have to be taken while writing for exams with regarding to specific relief act and quasi contract. The session was more informative and the students got benefitted . Finally it had ended with interaction.

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An analyses on Offence against Human body and general defense

Mr. R. Ranjith Kumar working as a guest lecture of Govt Law college at Villupuram. He has four years experience of teaching line above said institution as will as six years of practicing an Advocate of High Court and lower courts. He was take special lecture on Law of Crime and he focused on Offence Against Human Body and clubbed with General Defense and then he discussed famous case laws etc.... .He gave an idea of how to practicing an Advocate, the students are how to attend the Clint then how to prepare the notes and file a private complaint in criminal cases. Students were highly interactive posting questions in accordance with their subject and Advocate field. Students are really enjoy their special lecture.

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