The 'National Mega Moot Competition' held at Saveetha School of Law on the 30th Nov to 2nd Dec proved to be a grand success. Moot courts in Law Schools help students bring out their caliber and showcase their mooting skills which are very vital for a lawyer. This event was no different. All the 18 teams that participated across India were hardworking and equally competent. The support rendered by the faculty members and the student coordinators was an integral part of its success.

            The program was commenced with registration on 30th Nov, 2018 by 2.00pm and inauguration by 3.15pm.  After the high tea, the teams were interchanged with the memorandum. The Research Test was conducted on the topic ‘Fugitive Economic Offenders’ to evaluate the participants intellectual content, practical and legal approach towards the problem based on principles of natural justice

            The preliminary rounds of the Intra Collegiate ‘National Mega Moot Court’ Competition was held on 1st Dec, 2018 at 8 am with18 teams participating in total which took place in Nine court halls for Prelims 1 & 2. The teamswere evaluated by Adv. Roshan Jain, Adv.Prashanth. A, Mr. Kathiravan C, Mr. Chandra Chaitanya, Adv. Mudit Bohra, Adv. Shailan.S. Rao, Adv. Sachin, Adv. Sharon, Ms. Aysha Fida from different streams of Lawhalls.The participants were very enthusiastic and recreated a Court room scene much to the delight of the audience. The judges never failed to motivate the students by providing valuable technical points in each session.The two sessions held in each of the court halls ended at about 12.30 pm. The participants were keenly observed while the judges with much patience and humbleness heeded to the arguments.The preliminary round 1 & 2 concluded by noon with eight teams qualifying for the Quarter Finals.

            The sessions for the Quarter Finals began which was held after lunch at 2.00pm immediately after displaying the score sheet and interchanging the memorandum through drawing chits on their names. The ignited qualifiers took forth a heated session by exchanging sparks of arguments that ended by 3.30 pm. This was followed by the much awaited nail biting moments of the four qualified teams battling against each other in the semi- finale before the practicing advocates Adv.N.S. Siva Kumar, Adv. Arul Raj, Adv.Balaji, Adv.Ali Hassan Khan. The top two teams were selected for final, a moot battle to be held on 2nd Dec,18.

            On 2nd Dec,2018, the awaited session of National Mega Moot 2018, the finale was held with two top teams from School of Excellence in Law, Chennai and the Govt Law College, Trivandrum. Dr. Asha Sundaram, Dr.S. Pandia Raj and Dr. Sreelatha.  Judge for the title winner trophy in the Court Hall of the SSL.

            Thereafter, the Valedictory ceremony was presided over by the Chief Guest Hon’bleJustice G.K. Ilanthiraiyan - Justice, High Court of Madras, Mr. Deepak Nallasamy- Director of Academics and Dr. Asha Sundaram- the Principal of Saveetha School of Law. The Director inaugurated the awarding ceremony welcome address had given by Dr. Asha Sundaram- the Principal of SSL and Justice G.K. Ilanthiraiyanshared his valuable thought regarding importance of moot skills for the budding lawyers present in the crowd. The award for the Best Researcher was awarded to Sastra School of Law, Thanjavur, the award for the Best Speaker was received by School of Law, Presidency University, Bangalore. The award for the Best Memorial was received by the team from Govt Law college, Trivandrum and the title for 2nd runner- up was won by team Sastra School of Law, 1st runner up by Govt Law college, Trivandrum.  The title of the trophy of National Mega Moot 18’ won by School of Excellence in Law, Chennai. The event was wrapped up with the vote of thanks delivered by Dr.A. Jency Priyadharshany, Asst Professor, SSL.

The Mega Moot’ 18 drew to an exuberant end with the singing of the national anthem and congratulating the winners for their enthusiastic contribution and untiring efforts sowed in to make this event a huge hit.




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Constitution Day

Saveetha School of Law celebrated Constitution Day on 26th November, 2018 by organising various events for the day. The day started with the seminar on “Importance of Constitution in Business” organised by the Centre for Business Administration, SSL. This session highlighted the vital role played by Constitution for business transactions. The resource person discussed about Part-XIII, Articles 301 - 307 which is related to trade, commerce and intercourse within the country.

The Centre for Criminal Justice Research, SSL has conducted a debate on “Importance of Constitution in Criminal Law Administration” during the second session. Students were divided into three groups and debated on topics like Custodial death, Right of an accused (who has committed heinous offence ) to appoint a lawyer of his choice and rights of activists. Best Debater Trophy was won by Arshiya Thansum M. of IV year. The winning team was awarded with the certificates.

The third session of the day was organised by Child Development Centre(CDC), SSL on “Protection of Child Rights under Indian Constitution”. About 100 students attended and participated in the special lecture and quiz on various problems such as child trafficking, child begging, organ transplant, child marriage and child labour both at national and international level.

Finally the day concluded by an event organised by the Women Empowerment Cell, SSL for paying tribute to the fifteen women who were part of ‘Making of Constitution’. The chief guest for the valedictory ceremony of Constitution Day was Prof. Dr. Haritha Devi from Ambedkar Law University. She also coined the importance of constitution and its vital role in our country.

Saveetha School of Law didn’t stop its activities internally but also extended it with Community Outreach Programme. About 18 students along with the faculty visited CMDA School at Maduravoyal to give an awareness on Fundamental Rights under Indian Constitution. They interacted with 240 students from sixth to eighth standard. The school students were enlightened on the following topics such as right to education, right to live anywhere in India, right to do any profession of their choice, right to be an Indian at any time, etc.

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Faculty Development Programme on Yoga and Meditation for Physical and Psychological Well being

Faculty Development Programme on Yoga and Meditation for Physical and Psychological Wellbeing was organised by Dr. Sreeya B and Ms. R. Arya on 19th, November 2018. Nearly 40 faculties from Saveetha School of Law participated in this FDP.

Resource person: Mr. Ragupathy with four Assistant Professors in Yoga from SKY Yoga conducted this session. Mr. Ragupathy worked in Handloom and Textiles Industry, Government of India for more than 10 years and got retired in 2008. He is part of SKY Yoga for the past 18 years. Based on his experience, he was made as the PRO for Tiruvallur district. He is also PRO in Avadi office. His specialisation or best part in yoga and meditation is Silence.

This FDP helped the faculties to know about the key to Physical and Psychological balance in their life, which is the need of the hour, in today’s scenario. With the help of this FDP, faculties got exposed to relaxation techniques that can be followed throughout the life. During the session all the faculties did different meditation for nearly 40 minutes.

On the whole this session had a breakthrough towards stress management

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Motivational Speech on Pathway to Success

SSL Placement Cell organised “Motivational Speech on Pathway to Success” for our final year students on 17th October, 2018. The students listened to the Pathway of Success from our successful alumni’s. Mr. K. Muthuraj, Ms. R.S. Praganthaa, Ms. M. Amudha, Mr. C.P. Mullaivanan and Ms. Thaarini VC who have cleared Tamil Nadu Judicial Services Examination 2018 addressed the gathering. Our Alumni’s shared their experience, gave clear idea about the examination pattern and finally gave some tips on how to prepare for the exams. It was a good opportunity and motivation to our students to listen from their ex-seniors. Almost 190 students attended this session.

This session was an important milestone for our students to face this competitive world.

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As part of placement cell, in order to facilitate our final year students, to plan their career a soft skill program with Mr.V.Shanmghanathan, Retired Joint commissioner of Labour, present Legal Advisor at Theosophical society and Advocate H.C, Mr.Kadarkarai Karthikeyan, Cognizant Executive manager, and Mrs.Rajini ramadass, International arbitrator, co-founder of of Sai & Sai Arbitration Centre, advocate HC, as resource persons , who have delivered a inspiring, motivational speech and facilitated our students with the available scope in their field.which was helpful for our students in all means.

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A visit to ADR centre concerning Legal Service Day

In order to encourage and promote alternative dispute resolution system our student visited ADR centre, where they witnessed various cases and made the observed the procedures which helped them to understand the subject in a better manner.

At the end of the visit the Member Secretary Mr. Nazir Ahamed (District Judge) conducted a lecture session regarding ADR and its practical procedures.

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National Level Workshop on Labour Legislations

One day National Level Workshop on Labour Legislations in current Scenario was organized by Saveetha School of Law on 09/11/2018. On that day of workshop in the first session The centre for Labour Law studies was Inagurated by Dr.V.L.Mony . Before started the second session the students were asked to write a essay on "Labour Legislations in Current scenario and later the best paper award was given to the student after valedictory.function. second session was chaired by Dr. Uma Maheshwari , Assistant Professor for The Tamil Nadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University. She addressed a gathering about "Codification of all Labour Legislations as single Legislation".It was like interactive session also. After the session students raised so many questions regarding Codification of Legislations as single Legislation.Valedictory function was chaired by Dr. M.S

soundara pandian, Principal, Andaman Law college . He addressed the gathering regarding "Industrial Relation and Codification of Labour Legislation". After completion of Session the best paper award was given by Dr. M.S.soundara Pandian to the Third year Student Gayathri.Dr. V.L.Mony addressed the gathering about "Liberalization, Privatisation and Globalization"

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A Special Lecture about Bonded Labour and Contract Labour System In India

Special Lecture Was delivered by Mrs.S.M.Abinaya, professor, NIEMPD, ON 01/11/2018 about " Bonded Labour and Contract Labour System In India". It was based on statstical data regarding the bonded labour and contract labour and the laws relating to them . it was like an interactive session in which students raised questions regarding abolition of bonded labour system, rights and liabilities of an employer towards bonded and contract labour.

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A Guest lecture on Cyber Crimes recognised under Information Technology Act 2000

Guest lecture on Cyber Crimes recognised under Information Technology Act 2000, by Mrs.Umachitra, Lecturer, Dr.Ambedkar Govt Law College,Chennai. The lecture initially kick started with the basis of law and how Cyber space evolved in it.. Clssifications id cybercrimes under Information technology act are well explained with the essential illustrations and case law. Students raised their questions, whenever it its required and got clarification for their doubts

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A Legal awareness programme on Cyber offences against children

Saveetha School of Law in association with Narayana Techno School, Poonamallee, Chennai

conducted a legal awareness programme on Cyber offences against children, on 1st

November, 2018. About 170 students of Narayana School, ranging from 8th grade to 10th grade

attended the session.

From Saveetha School of Law, Assistant professors, Ms. Aswathy Rajan and Ms. Arya R along

with 29 students of Cyber law class participated in the event. The faculties and students

explained various forms of online crimes where children are either a victim or a preparator,

knowingly or unknowingly. Awareness about various issues like how to report cyber offenses

and what all are the safe online practices that can be adopted to protect children were


The event created an awareness about new forms of cyber crimes like cyberbullying, Happy

Slapping etc. The event was a fruitful one as it helps the school also to understand the new

forms of crimes and what all preventive measures that can be adopted by them as an educator.

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Guest Lecture on Stress Management

Guest Lecture on the topic “Stress Management” was organised on 1st November, 2018 for the Slot A (NC1301) students by Dr. Sreeya B, Associate Professor, Saveetha School of Law. Nearly 30 students participated in the guest lecture.

Speaker of the session was Mr. S. Gautham, B.E., MBA, Assistant Professor (S.S.), Department of Management Studies, Rajalakshmi Engineering College. He has nearly 10 years of professional experience. He is also a part time trainer in TIME for the past 8 years as part of IIT JEE Training in Maths specialization.

The speaker conveyed the students the causes of stress and the ways to reduce stress. The highlights of the session were some techniques were tried by the students to identify their stress level. The volunteer students tried in front of the class to prove that they are not stressed. Then some techniques were shared with the students to reduce the stress. On the whole this guest lecture helped the students to understand about stress and it was also a stress relieving session for the students.


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A Special Lecture about Medical Jurisprudence.

A guest lecture was conducted by Mrs Manjula Suresh, police inspector, Royapett station, on medical jurisprudence.

The resource person pondered into extraction of evidences in cases of offences aganist body. Later on she explained about modern technologies in crime detection and evidence extraction. The session ended up with questions raised by students which were amply answered by officer.

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Inauguration of The Centre for Criminal Justice Research

The Centre for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) , an initiative by Saveetha school of Law was formally inaugurated on 31st october, 2018 by Dr Lennon Yao-chung Chang (Associate Professor) and HDR coordinator in criminology in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University, Australia.

The centre attempts to promote research and teaching in substantive and procedural criminal law. To further its mission the centre will conduct Conferences in collaborative and

interdisciplinary projects, workshops by leading scholars and researchers. The centre aims at

developing community awareness about criminal justice topics by educating and supporting

students and professionals on criminal justice-related topics.

The inaugural function was followed by a special lecture by Dr Lennon Yao-chung Chang on Cyber Criminology. He explained about various forms of cyber crimes and how to identify different types of cyber attacks, the existence of Dark web, the various breeds of Phishing - Pharming etc with the help of demonstrations and an interactive session. He also spoke about the need of creating awareness as they say “where there’s money there’s crime” and cyber crime is the most lucrative avenue considering the large outreach internet has and its ever growing user base.

The centre is planning to come up with more community outreach programmes, legal aid camps and legal awareness workshops in the coming months.

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