Inauguration of The Centre for Criminal Justice Research

Inauguration of The Centre for Criminal Justice Research

The Centre for Criminal Justice Research (CCJR) , an initiative by Saveetha school of Law was formally inaugurated on 31st october, 2018 by Dr Lennon Yao-chung Chang (Associate Professor) and HDR coordinator in criminology in the School of Social Sciences at Monash University, Australia.

The centre attempts to promote research and teaching in substantive and procedural criminal law. To further its mission the centre will conduct Conferences in collaborative and

interdisciplinary projects, workshops by leading scholars and researchers. The centre aims at

developing community awareness about criminal justice topics by educating and supporting

students and professionals on criminal justice-related topics.

The inaugural function was followed by a special lecture by Dr Lennon Yao-chung Chang on Cyber Criminology. He explained about various forms of cyber crimes and how to identify different types of cyber attacks, the existence of Dark web, the various breeds of Phishing - Pharming etc with the help of demonstrations and an interactive session. He also spoke about the need of creating awareness as they say “where there’s money there’s crime” and cyber crime is the most lucrative avenue considering the large outreach internet has and its ever growing user base.

The centre is planning to come up with more community outreach programmes, legal aid camps and legal awareness workshops in the coming months.