Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes via Real Life Cases, Precautions and Remedies

Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes via Real Life Cases, Precautions and Remedies

Are you suffering from Nomophobia? Wondering what it is? It’s an irrational fear of “my phone is not with me syndrome, a new form of disorder among the youth. People especially youngsters are so hooked up to their mobile phones for playing games, watching movies, videos etc. Be aware of the cell phone you are carrying in your pocket, don’t keep nude pictures or pornographic content or pirated videos in the phone.

These tips were given by Mumbai based lawyer and cyber expert Adv. Prashant Mali who had conducted an awareness programme on “Cyber Security and Cyber crimes via Real life cases, precautions and remedies“ at Saveetha School of Law, SIMATS, Chennai on Saturday (2nd march, 2019). The session was organised for law students and academicians of Saveetha School of law and nearby colleges. Around 100 attendees from Chennai, Kerala and Madurai participated in the event. Mr. Mali visited city as part of his #cybervoayage campaign to raise awareness about cyber crimes.

Mr. Mali interacted with the students and explained to them various form of cyber offences which youngsters are prone to commit either knowingly or just for fun. He cited real life cases of revenge porn and highlighted the importance of a “break up ceremony” where the estranged couple should meet and delete all the personal sensitive information from each others devices.

Mr.Mali’s session was followed by an interactive session by Mr. Sriram, founder of Primefort Solutions pvt. Ltd. He is a professional ethical hacker, and he explained to the students about, what is hacking and shared tips for not getting hacked. He explained about the the recent attacks in the cyber world like ransomware, Momo and blue whale.

The noon session was carried out by Mr. Karthikeyan, advocate specialised  on cyber security, he explained about the scope of the cyber security and the difficulties in it. He deliberated about the international legal perspectives and explained the real commercial game behind the smartphone applications and their agreement with the consumers.