BA.LLB and BBA.LLB Framework

Part I : Courses in liberal discipline in Integrated Five Year Course : (1) Undergraduate course-component for integrated Five Years’ course: 

(a) In Social Science and Language (For B.A., LL.B.): One major subject with two minor, besides, English is compulsory subject. Students are expected to learn at least one Foreign or Indian Language. There shall be 6 papers in major and three papers each in minor and in languages. 


(b) Business Management (For BBA, LL.B.) Major and Minor subjects or Compulsory and Optional subjects/papers may be taken from the following papers/ subjects such as Business Communication, Business Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, Business Statistics, Business Environment, Accounts and Finance, Management Theory and Practice, Human Resource Management, and Marketing Management. Language policy shall remain same. However one can take English as major or minor, where there is a system of major and minor, with other management subjects.. 

Part II (Law papers common to both the streams) 

Part II (A) Compulsory subjects in legal education component in both the streams (Paper 1 to 20) 

  1. Jurisprudence (Legal method, Indian legal system, and basic theory of law). 
  2. Law of Contract 
  3. Special Contract 
  4. Law of Tort including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws 
  5. & 6. Family Law (2 papers) 
  1. Law of Crimes Paper I : Penal Code 
  2. Law of Crime Paper II :Criminal Procedure Code 
  3. & 10. Constitutional Law (two papers) 
  1. Property Law 
  2. Law of Evidence 
  3. Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act 
  4. Administrative Law 
  5. Company Law 
  6. Public International Law 
  7. Principles of Taxation Law
  8. Environmental Law
  9. & 20. Labour and Industrial Law (2 papers) 


Part II (B) Compulsory Clinical Courses ( Papers 21 to 24 as following): 

  1. Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance 
  2. Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting system: This course will be taught in association with practising lawyers. Examination rules of the University shall include assessment through case-study, viva, and periodical problem solution besides the written tests. 
  3. Alternate Dispute Resolution Outline of the course:
  4. Moot court exercise and Internship


Part II (C): Not less than six papers from any of the following groups (paper 25 to 30) 


A. Constitutional Law Group

  • Legal Philosophy including theory of Justice Indian Federalism
    Affirmative Action and Discriminative Justice 
  • Comparative Constitution
  • Human Right Law and Practice
  • Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence
  • Fiscal Responsibility & Management
  • Local Self Government including Panchayet Administration 
  • Right to Information
  • Civil Society & Public grievance
  • Government Accounts & Audit
  • Law on Education
  • Media & Law
  • Health Law
  • Citizenship & Emigration Law
  • Interpretation of Statutes and Principle of Legislation Legislative drafting 


B. Business Law Group

  • Law and Economics Banking Law
  • Investment Law
  • Financial Market Regulation Foreign Trade 
  • Law of Carriage Transportation Law Insurance Law
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Corporate Governance Merger & Acquisition
  • Competition Law Information Technology Law Direct Taxation 
  • Indirect Taxation
  • Equity and Trust
  • Law on Project Finance
  • Law on Corporate Finance
  • Law on Infrastructure Development Special Contract 


C. International Trade Law

  • International Trade Economics General Agreement on Tariff & Trade Double Taxation
  • Dumping and Countervailing Duty Trade in Services & Emigration Law Cross Border Investment
  • Agriculture
  • Dispute Resolution
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Trade in Intellectual Property International Banking & Finance 


D. Crime & Criminology

  • Criminal Psychology
  • Forensic Science
  • International Criminal Law
  • Prison Administration
  • Penology & Victimology
  • Offences Against Child & Juvenile Offence Women & Criminal Law 
  • IT Offences
  • Probation and Parole
  • Criminal Sociology
  • Comparative Criminal Procedure Financial and Systemic Fraud 
  • White Color Crime 


E. International Law

  • International Organization International Human Rights Private International Law International Environmental Law IMF & World Bank 
  • Regional Agreement & Regionalization Uncitral Model Codes 
  • International Labour Organization & Labour Laws International Dispute Resolution Bodies
  • Maritime Law
  • Law of the Sea and International River Humanitarian and Refugee Law 
  • International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court 


F. Law & Agriculture

  • Land Laws including Tenure & Tenancy system
  • Law on Agriculture Infrastructure: seed, water, fertilizer, pesticide etc. 
  • Law on Agricultural Finance
  • Law on Agricultural Labour
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Farming & Cultivation
  • Farmer and Breeders’ Right
  • Cooperative and Corporatization of Agriculture
  • Dispute Resolution and Legal aid
  • Agricultural Insurance
  • Law on SMEs on agricultural processing and rural industry 


G. Intellectual Property Law

  • Patent Right creation and Registration Patent Drafting and SpecificationWriting IPR Management
  • Copyright 
  • Trade Mark and Design
  • Trade Secret and Technology transfer
  • Other Forms of IPR creation and registration IPR Litigation
  • IPR Transactions
  • Life Patent
  • Farmers and Breeders right
  • Bio Diversity protection
  • Information Technology
  • IPR in Pharma Industry
  • IPR in SMEs