To teach is to learn. These in-depth knowledge aids them in teaching in various law colleges in the country. The proof of the pudding is in its eating. They teach what they learnt and thats the proof of our.



Higher Education

The thirst of knowledge makes our students go miles ahead. many of them pursue higher education in institutions across the world. A few to mention are LLM from the Leeds University, London  and Manchester University and the list goes on...




We are happy and proud to say that our students are extremely knowledgable that they practice in highest courts of the state and the country" The high court & the Supreme court. This proves the supremacy in training and knowledge of the institution and the student respectively.


The just don't talk but also listen. Yes they listen to your problems and solve it adhering to the land of law. Which shows their social responsibility too. they are legal advisors in various corporates, institutions and hospital to name a few are HDFC, SNS group of institution, Anannd , Abdul and vinodh partners andCobra legal solutions.





They just don't read, talk and tell but also write. They take Indian law to common man and make them aware of it in a simply way. One of our students have penned a book "Thousand Unspoken Words" which breaks the fear of law of a common man.